About me

So just who am I anyway?

I am Gordon, a very curious person with a wide set of interests. Here I will share with you some of those interests in the hope that we can all learn and grow together. I am an engineer by training and tend to take an engineering approach to many things.

Besides this web site, I also have started a Youtube channel. The two are meant to compliment each other. It's easy enough to explain how to do something. But, having a video to actually show it being done really adds to the experience.

As an engineer I tend to take a unique approach to matters. It's called The Engineer's Discipline or Engineering Process. But don't worry, you don't have to be an engineer to be able to follow along. The process is basically: 1)Gather information, 2)Analyze, 3)Plan, 4)Execute, 5)Review results. I apply this process to many areas. Expect to see articles about:


Vegetable gardening. In the spring after we moved into our house I was outside digging up a sunny corner of the yard. Since then, my gardening has grown to take over sizable chunk of the yard. Now, it is not necessary to engineer a seed to grow. But, having some knowledge of the process will lead to better results


My mother taught her boys to cook. One day I realized that cooking was just engineering for hungry people, and things just took off from there. Of course I will use the produce from my garden.


No surprise here, right? I will try to focus on the practical and fun side of things.

Personal finance & frugal living

Unfortunately, most financial self-help gurus take an almost religious approach to telling you how to manage your finances. Not here. I'll cover some basics and also provide some tips that worked for me.

Being prepared.

I'm not getting ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. But when an ice storm knocks power out for four days (it's happened) I want to be warm, fed, have light and clean drinking water.