A strategy for long term savings

In another article I present a list of ideas to save money immediately. And there is some satisfaction in seeing some quick savings. But to really save money, you need to make some changes that have longer term payoffs. These are lifestyle changes. Your best way to find savings is to think outside the box. Think unconventional, and look for ways to do things differently. Then dig deep into the Internet to to find the cheapest way to get what you need. Case in point: How much does a cell phone cost? $60.00, maybe $80.00 per month? Not in this house. Try $20.00 per month. At one point I was paying only $30.00 a year. Read that again that's not a typo. Then keep reading to find out how.

Your House

If you are like most families, your rent or mortgage payments are your biggest monthly expense. So it makes sense that any savings here will have the biggest impact.

Your Car

After housing, car payments are the next biggest budget item for most people. It's also the one place where most people get it wrong. Most people just seem to assume that monthly car payments are a fact of life. They are not.


It used to be that a land-line phone was the sole communication expense for every family. Today it's more complicated with cell phones, cable TV, broadband Internet, and maybe even a land-line. If you are not careful, you can end up paying through the nose.

Your Computer

A computer is an essential item in every home. It also has become an expense in every home budget. Here are some ideas to reduce the impact a computer makes on your budget.